We Are Indians! We don’t change.

We Are Indians! We don’t change.

We are Indians and we will continue to spit on the no spitting sign, we will continue to smoke in a no smoking area, we will continue to listen loud music even after 11:00 PM, we will never put waste in dustbins, we need to ‘Chain’ the glass with drinking water tanks, we need to put ‘Remove Footwear’ sign in front of temples, we need to write ‘Be In A Line’ on the walls near ticket counter, we litter near ‘No Littering’ sign and in short, ‘We will never change’

But we will always criticize the person in power because they are the one who are doing nothing other than scams and corruption.

We like things this way because we don’t want to do something.
We don’t want to go near the dustbin to throw waste because either we don’t care to find or that dustbin someplace far.
We can not keep ourselves quite in hospitals.
We can’t control for 5 more minutes to find the toilet.
We can’t stop spitting everywhere after eating paan.
We can’t find a place where we don’t irritate other persons from the smoke of the cigarette.

We don’t want to change.
I mean, if we don’t change then what difference it will make that which clown is in power.
If we, the people of this nation, don’t change for this country then why do we expect that PM, CM will change this country for us.
We need to change from within.

But How??? How Can We Change?
For this we can start from not throwing waste on roads because this is the easiest thing which we can do.
After that start writing up for something on Facebook, Twitter and Blog
Then if you think time is right and you can change something you don’t like, come forward and speak up in public.

I want us to make me change the title of this ‘note’ from ‘we don’t change’ to ‘we can change’, then to ‘we will change’ and finally to ‘we are change’.



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